Documented Database Bugs With High “Solved SR” Count




NB Prob Bug Fixed Description
P IIII 7272646 Linux-x86_64: ORA-27103 on startup when MEMORY_TARGET > 3g
IIII 18384537,,, Process spin in opipls() / ORA-4030 for “kgh stack” memory
IIII 18148383,,, AWR snapshots stopped , MMON hung with “EMON to process ntnfs”
IIII 17951233,,, ORA-600 [kcblin_3] [103] after setting _pga_max_size > 2Gb
IIII 17867137,, ORA-700 [Offload issue job timed out] on Exadata storage with fix of bug 16173738 present
IIII 17831758, ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi] in Qnnn background process
IIII 17469624,, ORA-600 [kcfis_finalize_cached_sessions_2] / ORA-600 [kcfis_update_recoverable_val_3] during session cleanup
IIII 17339455, ORA-7445 [kkorminl] or similar can occur when running Automatic tuning tasks / DBMS_SQLTUNE Index Advisor
IIII 17306264, Frequent ORA-1628 max # extents (32765) reached for rollback segment
IIII 17079301,, ORA-6525 length mismatch from MMON job
IIII 17042658,,,, ORA-600 [kewrsp_split_partition_2] during AWR purge
IIII 17037130,,, Excess shared pool “PRTMV” memory use / ORA-4031 with partitioned tables
IIII 16989630, Intermitent ORA-7445 [kglHandleParent] / [kglGetMutex] / [kglic0]
IIII 16667538,, SGA memory corruption possible (single bit 0x1000 cleared)
IIII 16621589, ORA-1426 “numeric overflow” from AUTO_SPACE_ADVISOR_JOB_PROC
IIII 16268425,,, Memory corruption / ORA-7445 / ORA-600 gathering statistics in parallel for table with virtual column/s
IIII 16002686,, ORA-7445 [kglbrk] or ORA-7445 [kxsSqlId] in shared server process
IIII 14764829,,, ORA-600[kwqicgpc:cursta] can occur using AQ
IIII 14084247,,,, ORA-1555 or ORA-12571 Failed AWR purge can lead to continued SYSAUX space use
IIII 13814203,, ORA-600 [ktsapsblk-1] from SQL Tuning
IIII 16472780, PGA memory leak ORA-600 [723] for “Fixed Uga” memory
IIII 15993436 Intermittent ORA-7445 [kokacau] errors
IIII 16477664, ORA-600 [kokuxpout3] can occur querying some V$ views
IIII 16166364 ORA-600 [rworofprFastUnpackRowsets:oobp] or similar from Parallel Query
IIII 14843189 Select list pruning with subqueries / ORA-7445 [msqcol]
IIII 14602788,, Q00* process spin when buffered messages spill
IIII 14275161, ORA-600 [rwoirw: check ret val] on CTAS with predicate move around
IIII 14201252, Stack corruption within kponPurgeUnreachLoc
IIII 14119856, ORA-4030 occurs at 16gb of PGA even if it could grow much larger
IIII 14040124, ORA-7445 [ktspsrch_reset] during commit on ASSM segment
IIII 14034426,,, ORA-600 [kjbrfixres:stalew] in LMS in RAC
IIII 14024668, ORA-7445 [ksuklms] from ‘alter system kill session (non-existent)’
IIII 13914613,,, Excessive time holding shared pool latch in kghfrunp with auto memory management
IIII 13872868,,, ORA-600[keomnReadGlobalInfoFromStream:magic] from V$SQL_MONITOR
IIII 13863932,, ORA-600[12259] using JDBC application with PL/SQL
IIII 13680405,,, PGA consumption keeps growing in DIA0 process
IIII 13608792,, ORA-600 [15713] from Ctrl-C/interrupt of PQ
IIII 12656350, Small parse overhead with fix for bug 12534597 present
IIII 12537316, Assorted ORA-600 / ORA-7445 for SQL with merged subquery
IIII 11837095,, “time drift detected” appears intermittently in alert log
P IIII 11801934, AIX: Wrong page-in and page-out OS VM stats in V$OSSTAT on AIX
IIII 11769185, ORA-600 / ORA-7445 from SQL performance Analyzer for SQL with UNION and fake binds
P+ IIII 10194190 Solaris: Process spin and/or ASM and DB crash if RAC instance up for > 248 days
IIII 14076523,,,, ORA-600 [kgxRelease-bad-holder] can occur in rare cases
IIII 9137871 ORA-600 [15851] using function based index on DATE column
IIII 22243719,, Several Internal Errors due to Shared Pool Memory Corruptions in and later. Instance may Crash
* IIII 22241601 ORA-600 [kdsgrp1] ORA-1555 / ORA-600 [ktbdchk1: bad dscn] due to Invalid Commit SCN in INDEX block
*P IIII 21915719, 12c Hang: LGWR waiting for ‘lgwr any worker group’ or ORA-600 [kcrfrgv_nextlwn_scn] ORA-600 [krr_process_read_error_2] on IBM AIX / HPIA
IIII 21749315 ORA-600 [keomnReadBindsFromStream:magic]
IIII 21373473,, Excess “ges resource dynamic” memory use / ORA-4031 / instance crash in RAC with many distributed transactions / XA
IIII 21286665, “Streams AQ: enqueue blocked on low memory” waits with fix 18828868 – superseded
IIII 21283337 ORA-600 [kghstack_underflow_internal_1] or similar if fix for bug 19052685 present
IIII 21260431, Excessive “ges resource dynamic” memory use in shared pool in RAC (ORA-4031)
IIII 20987661 QMON slave processes reporting ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi]
E IIII 20907061, high number of executions for recursive call on col$
IIII 20877664, SQL Plan Management Slow with High Shared Pool Allocations
IIII 20844426, ORA-600 [kkzdgdefq] from DBMS_REFRESH.refresh
D IIII 20636003 Slow Parsing caused by Dynamic Sampling (DS_SRV) queries (side effects possible ORA-12751/ ORA-29771)
IIII 20547245 ORA-7445 [lxregsergop] from query using REGEXP on Exadata
IIII 20505778 Private memory corruption / ORA-7445 [kfuhRemove] / ORA-7445 [kghstack_underflow_internal] / ORA-600[17147] from DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS
IIII 20476175,,, High VERSION_COUNT (in V$SQLAREA) for query with OPT_PARAM(‘_fix_control’) hint
IIII 20387265,, ORA-600 [Cursor not typechecked] errors on cursor executed from PLSQL
IIII 20186278,, crfclust.bdb Becomes Huge Size Due to Sudden Retention Change
IIII 19942889 ORA-600 [kpdbSwitchPreRestore: txn] from SQL autotune of a remote (dblink) query – duplicate of bug 19052685 – superseded
IIII 19689979,, ORA-8103 or ORA-600 [ktecgsc:kcbz_objdchk] or Wrong Results on PARTITION table after TRUNCATE in or above
IIII 19621704 PGA memory leak / ORA-600 [723] with large allocations of “mbr node memory” when using Spatial
IIII 19614585,, Wrong Results / ORA-600 [kksgaGetNoAlloc_Int0] / ORA-7445 / ORA-8103 / ORA-1555 from query on RAC ADG Physical Standby Database
IIII 19509982, Disable raising of ORA-1792 by default
IIII 19475971 ORA-600 [17285] from PLSQL packages
IIII 19450314, Unnecessary compiled PL/SQL invalidations in 12c
IIII 19366669 CRS-8503: oracle clusterware osysmond process experienced fatal signal or exception 11 – superseded
IIII 18899974, ORA-600 [kcbgtcr_13] on ADG for SPACE metadata blocks and UNDO blocks
IIII 18841764 Network related error like ORA-12592 or ORA-3137 or ORA-3106 may be signaled
IIII 18828868,,, Too Many Qxxx Processes Maxing Out the Number of Processes with fix for bug 14602788 present
IIII 18758878 Automatic SQL tuning advisor fails with ORA-7445 [apaneg]
* IIII 18607546,,,, ORA-600 [kdblkcheckerror]..[6266] corruption with self-referenced chained row. ORA-600 [kdsgrp1] / Wrong Results / ORA-8102
IIII 18536720, ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi] processing History IOT in AQ
IIII 18280813,,, Process hangs in ‘gc current request’ in RAC
IIII 18199537,,, RAC database becomes almost hung when large amount of row cache are used in shared pool
IIII 18189036,,, ORA-600 [qkaffsindex3] from SQL Tuning task / advisor
IIII 17890099,, Wrong cardinality estimation for “is NULL” predicate on a remote table
IIII 17722075, ORA-7445 [kkcnrli] in Qnnn process during ALTER DATABASE OPEN
IIII 17551261, ORA-942 / ORA-904 “from$_subquery$_###”.<column_name> with query rewrite
IIII 17365043,, Session hangs on “Streams AQ: enqueue blocked on low memory”
IIII 17274537,,,, ASM disk group force dismounted due to slow I/Os
IIII 17220460, parallel query hangs with ‘PX Deq: Execute Reply’
D IIII 17018214,, ORA-600 [krdrsb_end_qscn_2] ORA-4021 in Active Dataguard Standby Database with fix for bug 16717701 present – Instance may crash
IIII 16817656 ORA-7445[_int_malloc] on shared server process / IO failures on ASM leading to unnecessary Disk Offline in Exadata
IIII 16756406 ORA-600 [kpp_concatq:2] or hang when NCHAR/NVARCHAR2 AL16UTF16 characters are included in a SQL statement
D IIII 16717701,, Active Dataguard Hangs waiting for library cache lock on DBINSTANCE namespace with possible deadlock – Superseded
IIII 16504613,, ORA-600[12337] from SQL with predicate of the form “NVL() [not] IN (inlist)”
IIII 15883525,,,, ORA-600 [kcbo_switch_cq_1] can occur causing an instance crash
IIII 14572561,, ORA-7445 [pevm_SUBSTR] crash on packages with constants
IIII 13542050, A mutex related hang with holder around 65534 (0xfffe) – superseded
IIII 24316947, ORA-07445 and ORA-00600 after applying April DB PSU or DB Bundle Patch
IIII 19730508,,, Orphan subscribers / ORA-600 [kwqdlprochstentry:ltbagi] on SYS$SERVICE_METRICS_TAB in RAC with fix of bug 14054676 present
IIII 17437634,,,,, ORA-1578 or ORA-600 [6856] transient in-memory corruption on TEMP segment during transaction recovery / ROLLBACK (eg: after Ctrl-C) – superseded
IIII 17325413,,,, Drop column with DEFAULT value and NOT NULL definition ends up with Dropped Column Data still on Disk leading to Corruption
IIII 18973907,,, Memory corruption / various ORA-600/ORA-7445 using database links between and earlier versions – superseded
IIII 12578873, ORA-7445 [opiaba] when using more than 65535 bind variables
P IIII 20675347 AIX: ORA-7445 [kghstack_overflow_internal] or ORA-600 [kghstack_underflow_internal_2] in on IBM AIX
IIII 18235390,, ORA-600 [kghstack_underflow_internal_3] … [kttets_cb – autoextfiles_kttetsrow] after applying patch 17897511
IIII 17897511 ORA-1000 from query on DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS after upgrade to – superseded
IIII 17586955,, ORA-600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3] in RAC
IIII 17501296, ORA-604 / PLS-306 attempting to delete rows from table with Text index after upgrade to
IIII 16392079, Sessions hang waiting for ‘resmgr:cpu quantum’ with Resource Manager
IIII 15881004,, Excessive SGA memory usage with Extended Cursor Sharing
IIII 14791477,,, Instance eviction in RAC due to lock element shortage (Pseudo Reconfiguration reason 3)
IIII 14657740,,,, ORA-600 [510] … [cache buffers chains]
IIII 14601231,, ORA-7445 [kpughndlarr] / assorted ORA-600
IIII 14588746,,, ORA-600 [kjbmprlst:shadow] in LMS in RAC – crashes the instance
IIII 14489591,,, ORA-3137 [3149] on server due to bad bind attempt in client
IIII 14409183,,, ORA-600 [kjblpkeydrmqscchk:pkey] or similar / session hangs on “gc buffer busy acquire”
IIII 14373728, Old statistics not purged from SYSAUX tablespace
IIII 14192178, EXPDP of partitioned table can be slow
IIII 14091984, dump on kkoatsamppred
P IIII 13940331, AIX: OCSSD threads are not set to the correct priority
IIII 13931044,,, ORA-600 [13009] / ORA-600 [13030] with Nested Loop Batching
IIII 13869978,, OCSSD reports that the voting file is offline without reporting the reason
IIII 13860201,,, Dump on kkspbd0
IIII 13840704,,, ORA-12012 / ORA-6502 from Segment Advisor (DBMS_SPACE/DBMS_ADVISOR) for LOB segments
IIII 13737746,,,,, Recovery fails with ORA-600 [krr_assemble_cv_12] or ORA-600[krr_assemble_cv_3]
IIII 13718279,,, DB instance terminated due to ORA-29770 in RAC
IIII 13616375,,,,, ORA-600 [qkaffsindex5] on a query with ORDER BY DESC and functional index on DESC column from SQL tuning index advisor job
IIII 13583663, ORA-7445[opipls] from EXECUTE IMMEDIATE in PLSQL – superseded
IIII 13555112, ORA-600 [kkopmCheckSmbUpdate:2] using plan baseline
+ IIII 13550185,,,,, Hang / SGA memory corruption / ORA-7445 [kglic0] when using multiple shared pool subpools – superseded
IIII 13527323,,, ORA-6502 generating HTML AWR report using awrrpt.sql in Multibyte characterset database
IIII 13493847,,, ORA-600 [15709] can occur with Parallel Query
IIII 13477790,,, ORA-7445 [kghalo] / memory errors / ORA-4030 from XMLForest / XMLElement
IIII 13464002,,,, ORA-600 [kcbchg1_12] or ORA-600 [kdifind:kcbget_24]
IIII 13463131,, Dump (kgghash) from bind peeking
IIII 13456573,, Many child cursors / ORA-4031 with large allocation in KGLH0 using extended cursor sharing
IIII 13397104,, Instance crash with ORA-600 [kjblpkeydrmqscchk:pkey] or similar – superseded
IIII 13257247,,,,,, AWR Snapshot collection hangs due to slow inserts into WRH$_TEMPSTATXS.
IIII 13250244,,,,, Shared pool leak of “KGLHD” memory when using multiple subpools
IIII 13099577,,,,, ora-12801 and ORA-1460 with parallel query
IIII 13072654,,, Unnecessary ORA-4031 for “large pool”,”PX msg pool” from PQ slaves
IIII 13000553,, RMAN backup fails with RMAN-20999 error at standby database
IIII 12971242, dumps occurs around kpofcr with STAR transformation
IIII 12919564,,, ORA-600 [ktbesc_plugged] executing SQL against a Plugged in (transported) tablespace
IIII 12899768,,,,, Processed messages remain in Queue causing space issues
IIII 12880299,,,,,,,, TCP handlers block if listener registration is restricted to IPC with COST
IIII 12865902,,,, NOWAIT lock requests could hang (like Parallel Queries may hang “enq: TS – contention”) in RAC
IIII 12848798,,,, OERI:kcbgtcr_13 on active dataguard
IIII 12834800, ORA-7445 [qkxrPXformUnm] from SQL with positional ORDER BY or GROUP BY and function based index
IIII 12834027,,,,, ORA-600 [kjbmprlst:shadow] / ORA-600 [kjbrasr:pkey] with RAC read mostly locking
IIII 12815057,,, ORA-600/ORA-7445/ UGA memory corruptions using PLSQL callouts (such as SYS_CONTEXT)
IIII 12794305,,,,, ORA-600 [krsr_pic_complete.8] on standby database
IIII 12747437,,, ORA-600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3] after purging single consumer queue table
IIII 12738119,, RAC slow / repeat diagnostic dumps
IIII 12714511, ORA-600 [17114] / memory corruption optimizing ANSI queries with FIRST_ROWS(K)
IIII 12683462, Internal Errors / Wrong results from “PX SEND RANGE”
IIII 12680491,,, Intermittent hiccup in network CHECK action can fail over vip, bring listener offline briefly
IIII 12672969,,,, Assorted Dumps with aggregate expression in ORDER BY
IIII 12637294,, Deadlock of PS and BF locks during parallel query operations
IIII 12552578, ORA-1790 / ORA-600 [kkqtsetop.1] / ORA-1789 during SET operation query with redundant WHERE conditions
E IIII 12534597, Bind Peeking is disabled for remote queries
IIII 12531263,,,,, ORA-4020 on object $BUILD$.{Hexadecimal Number}
IIII 12340939,,, ORA-7445 [kglic0] can occur capturing cursor stats for V$SQLSTATS
IIII 12312133,,,, Standby DB crashes with ORA-600 [krcccb_busy] /Ora-00600 [krccckp_scn] with block change tracking
IIII 11902008, SMON may crash with ORA-600 [kcbgcur_3] or ORA-600 [kcbnew_3] during Transaction recovery
IIII 11872103,,, RMAN RESYNC CATALOG very slow / V$RMAN_STATUS incorrectly shows RUNNING
E IIII 11869207 Improvements to archived statistics purging / SYSAUX tablespace grows – superseded
IIII 11744544 Set newname for database does not apply to block change tracking file
+ IIII 11666959, ORA-7445 / LPX-200 / wrong results etc.. from new XML parser
IIII 11068682, ORA-7445 [ph2csql_analyze] in active dataguard – superseded
E IIII 10411618,,,,, Enhancement to add different “Mutex” wait schemes
IIII 10314054 ORA-600 [13001] or similar from DELETE/UPDATE/MERGE SQL with non-deterministic WHERE clause
IIII 10279045, Slow Statistics purging (SYSAUX grows)
+ IIII 10259620,, Wrong results / ORA-7445 with DESC indexes and OR expansion
IIII 10237773,,, ORA-600 [kcbz_check_objd_typ] / ORA-600 [ktecgsc:kcbz_objdchk]
E IIII 10220118,, Print warning to alert log when system is swapping
IIII 10204505, SGA autotune can cause row cache misses, library cache reloads and parsing
E IIII 10187168,,,,, Enhancement to obsolete parent cursors if VERSION_COUNT exceeds a threshold
IIII 10155684, ORA-600 [17099] / dump after session migration using trusted callout
IIII 10089333,,, “init_heap_kfsg” memory leaks in SGA of db instance using ASM
IIII 10082277,,,, Excessive allocation in PCUR or KGLH0 heap of “kkscsAddChildNo” (ORA-4031)
IIII 10018789,,,, Spin in kgllock / DB hang with high library cache lock waits on ADG
IIII 10013177,,, Wrong Results (truncate values) / dumps and internal errors with Functional based indexes of expressions used in Aggregations
IIII 10010310,, ORA-27300 / ORA-27302 killing a non existing session
IIII 9964177, ORA-7445 in/under LpxFSMSaxSE parsing an XML file due to the fact that lpxfsm_getattr_name() evaluates a string incorrectly
* IIII 9877980,,, ORA-7445[kkslMarkLiteralBinds] / Assorted Errors on if cursor sharing is enabled – Affects RMAN
P IIII 9871302, Windows: Cannot make new connection to database on Windows platforms with TNS-12560
IIII 9829397,,,, Excessive CPU and many “asynch descriptor resize” waits for SQL using Async IO
IIII 9795214,,,,, Library Cache Memory Corruption / ORA-600 [17074] may result in Instance crash
IIII 9772888,, Needless “WARNING:Could not lower the asynch I/O limit to .. for SQL direct I/O It is set to -1” messages
IIII 9746210,,, ORA-7445 [qsmmixComputeClusteringFactor] from SQL tuning
E IIII 9735536, Enhancement request which allows ability to selectively remove slow clients from Emon Notification mechanism
+ IIII 9735237,,,, Dump [under kxspoac] / ORA-1722 as SQL uses child with mismatched BIND metadata
P IIII 9728806, ORA-7445 [kggibr()+52] during recovery on IBM AIX POWER Systems
IIII 9727147,,,, ORA-7445 [qksvcProcessVirtualColumn] using SQL Tuning / Index advisor
IIII 9706792,,, ORA-600 [kcrpdv_noent] during STARTUP in Crash Recovery with Parallelism
IIII 9703463,,, ORA-3137 [12333] or ORA-600 [kpobav-1] When Using Bind Peeking – superceded
IIII 9689310,,,, Excessive child cursors / high VERSION_COUNT / ORA-600 [17059] due to bind mismatch
IIII 9651350,,, Large redo dump and ORA-308 might be raised due to ORA-8103
IIII 9594372, A dump can occur in (kokscold)
+ IIII 9577583,, False ORA-942 or other errors when multiple schemas have identical object names
IIII 9478199,,, Memory corruption / ORA-600 from PLSQL anonymous blocks
+ IIII 9399991,,,, Assorted Internal Errors and Dumps (mostly under kkpa*/kcb*) from SQL against partitioned tables
IIII 9395500,, Dump [kupfuDecompress] importing large table from compressed DMP file
IIII 9390347, ADR purge may dump (DIA-48457 [11])
IIII 9373370,,, The wrong cursor may be executed by JDBC thin following a query timeout / ORA-3137 [12333]
IIII 9316980, ORA-600 [723] UGA leak of “KPON Callback A” memory in QMNC slave (Qnnn process)
IIII 9243912, Additional diagnostics for ORA-3137 [12333] / OERI:12333
IIII 9233544,,, ORA-600 [15709] during parallel rollback
IIII 9073910, Direct path creates bad functional index on LOB column
IIII 9067282,,, ORA-600 [kksfbc-wrong-kkscsflgs] can occur
IIII 9066130,,, OERI [kksfbc-wrong-kkscsflgs] / spin with multiple children
IIII 9061785,, Assorted Dumps from JPPD on distributed query with UNION ALL or OUTER JOIN
IIII 9050716,, Dumps on kkqstcrf with ANSI joins and Join Elimination
*D IIII 8895202, ORA-1555 / ORA-600 [ktbdchk1: bad dscn] ORA-600 [2663] in Physical Standby after switchover – superseded
IIII 8865718,,,,, Recursive cursors for MV refresh not shared
IIII 8797501, OERI [qksdsInitSample:2] from SQL Tuning
IIII 8771916,,,, OERI [kdsgrp1] during CR read
IIII 8763922,,, Dump (kgghash) from bind peeking for RAW data types
IIII 8730312,, wrong Null ASH data may cause dumps and kew* messages in alert.log
IIII 8666117,, High row cache latch contention in RAC
IIII 8553944, SYSAUX tablespace grows
IIII 8547978,,,,, Online redefinition corrupts dictionary / ORA-600[kqd-objerror$] from DROP USER
IIII 8496830,,,, ORA-8176 while inserting into global temp table
IIII 8477973, Multiple open DB links / ORA-2020 / distributed deadlock / ORA-600 possible using DB Links
IIII 8434467, SubOptimal Execution Plan for queries over V$RMAN_BACKUP_JOB_DETAILS
IIII 8223165,,,, ORA-600 [ktsxtffs2] During Startup When Using Temporary Tablespace Group
IIII 8211733,,, Shared pool latch contention when shared pool is shrinking
IIII 5702977, Wrong cardinality estimation for “is NULL” predicate on a remote table – withdrawn
P IIII 13604285, Solaris: keeps failing on Solaris 11
E IIII 8857940 Enhancement to group durations to help reduce chance of ORA-4031
IIII 14313519 ORA-7445 [ktspsrch_reset] / ORA-7445 [ktspsrch_cbk] can occur (11g fix for bug 14040124)
IIII 12979199,, ORA-1466 querying a Global Temporary Table in a READ ONLY transaction
IIII 12633340,, Heavy “library cache lock” and “library cache: mutex X” contention for a “$BUILD$.xx” lock
IIII 10378005,, ORA-600 [kolrarfc: invalid lob type] from LOB garbage collection
IIII 8579188, CATALOG BACKUPIECE introduces invalid DATE (ORA-1861 produced by RMAN)
IIII 3934729,,, Random dumps (nstimexp) using DCD
P IIII 10190759 PSEONLY AIX: Processes consuming additional memory due to “Work USLA Heap”
IIII 14508968,,, ORA-600 [504] [ges process parent latch] during logon in RAC
IIII 13004894,, Wrong results with SQL_TRACE or 10046 or STATISTICS_LEVEL=ALL / Slow Parse
IIII 14013094, DBMS_STATS places statistics in the wrong index partition
IIII 17230530,, ORA-600 [kkzqid2fro] after apply DB PSU
IIII 6904068 High CPU usage when there are “cursor: pin S” waits
IIII 9593134 DNS or NIS mis-configuration can cause slow database connects
IIII 9267837, Auto-SGA policy may see larger resizes than needed
IIII 9002336, Assorted Dumps with DISTINCT & WITH clause
IIII 8554900 PMON can crash the instance with OERI [ksnwait:nsevwait]
IIII 8625762, ORA-3137 [12333] due to bind data not read from wire
* IIII 8199533, NUMA enabled by default can cause high CPU / OERI
IIII 7686855 ORA-600[kjucnl(pmon):!dead] from PMON cleaning dead distributed transaction
* IIII 7662491,,, Array Update can corrupt a row. Errors OERI[kghstack_free1] or OERI[kddummy_blkchk][6110]
+ IIII 7653579, IPC send timeout in RAC after only short period
IIII 7648406,, Child cursors not shared for “table_…” cursors (that show as “SQL Text Not Available”) when NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS = CHAR
IIII 7643188,, Invalid / corrupt AWR SQL statistics
IIII 7626014, OERI[kksfbc-new-child-thresh-exceeded] can occur / unnecessary child cursors
IIII 7523755, “WARNING:Oracle process running out of OS kernel I/O resources” messages
IIII 7411568, ORA-600[kcbbpibr_waitall_2] can occur
IIII 7385253,,, Slow Truncate / DBWR uses high CPU / CKPT blocks on RO enqueue
IIII 7312791, Dump (kokacau) if AQ client aborts with an active TX for dequeued message
IIII 7291739,, Contention with auto-tuned undo retention or high TUNED_UNDORETENTION
IIII 7189722, Frequent grow/shrink SGA resize operations
IIII 7039896,, Spin under kghquiesce_regular_extent holding shared pool latch with AMM
IIII 6960699,, “latch: cache buffers chains” contention/ORA-481/kjfcdrmrfg: SYNC TIMEOUT/ OERI[kjbldrmrpst:!master]
IIII 6918493 Net DCD (sqlnet.expire_time>0) can cause OS level mutex hang, possible to get PMON failed to acquired latch
IIII 6851110,, ASMB process memory leak
IIII 6471770,, ora-32690/OERI [32695] [hash aggregation can’t be done] from Hash GROUP BY
D IIII 6376915,, HW enqueue contention for ASSM LOB segments
IIII 6196748,, Dump in ksxpmprp() during logoff with multiple sessions in one process
IIII 6139856,, Memory corruption in Net nsevrec leading to dump
IIII 6113783 Arch processes can hang indefinitely on network
C IIII 6085625,, Wrong child cursor may be executed which has mismatching bind information
IIII 6034072 ORA-7445 [kgxMutexHng] / ORA-600 [ksdhng_callcbk: bad session 1] from hang analysis
D IIII 6795880, Session spins / OERI after ‘kksfbc child completion’ wait – superceded
IIII 6122696 ORA-7445 [osnsgl] after ORA-3115 error
IIII 8449495 ORA-600 [17280] if client killed when fetching from pipelined PLSQL function
IIII 5939230, Dump [kkeidc] / memory corruption from query over database link
IIII 5890966, Intermittent ORA-6502 with package level associative array
+ IIII 5868257,, Dump / memory corruption from DMLs
IIII 5736850, SGA corruption / crash from PQO bloom filter
IIII 5655419 Distributed transaction hits ORA-600:[1265] or ORA-600:[k2gget: downgrade] in 10.2
* IIII 5605370, Various dumps / instance crash possible
IIII 5508574, OERI[504] / OERI[99999] / Dump [kgscdump] with > 31 CPUs
IIII 5497611, OERI[qctVCO:csform] from Xquery using XMLType constructor
PI IIII 5496862, AIX: Mandatory patch to use Oracle with IBM Technology Level 5 (5300-5)
IIII 4937225, ORA-22 from OCIStmtExecute after OCISessionBegin
IIII 4483084 ORA-600 [LibraryCacheNotEmptyOnClose] on shutdown
IIII 14076510 ORA-600 [ktrgcm_3] in –
IIII 7612454 More “direct path read” operations / OERI:kcblasm_1
IIII 7706062 OERI [17087] following concurrent hard parses on same cursor
* IIII 7190270, Various ORA-600 errors / dictionary inconsistency from CTAS / DROP
IIII 6852598, Dump / corrupt library cache lock free list
IIII 4518443 Listener hang under load
+ IIII 7038750, Dump (ksuklms) / instance crash
IIII 8575528 Missing entries in V$MUTEX_SLEEP.location
IIII 4359111,, OERI [17281][1001] can occur on session switch in UPI mode
IIII 5671074 ORA-4052/ORA-3106 on create / refresh of materialized view

Documented Database Bugs With High “Solved SR” Count (Doc ID 2099231.1 INTERNAL)



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